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Accent Reduction

Speaking English with a foreign accent can, at times, result in communication breakdown which may bring frustration or embarrassment despite good mastery of the English language. Accent reduction or modification work provides a guided approach to modifying either a foreign accent or regional dialect in order to be better understood.  Accent reduction will assist you in feeling confident in your communication abilities.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, Lori has carried out accent reduction work since 1991 for clients from a wide variety of linguistic, cultural and business backgrounds. She has trained with LDS Associates and Compton P-ESL , in addition to working in theatre to modify dialect. Following a typical course, training may be anticipated to reduce accent by at least 40 - 60 % in spontaneous speech  with a greater effect  noticed in rehearsed presentations or frequently used conversational exchanges.

Individual or group sessions may be arranged. Group members may come from varying language backgrounds and groups of three or more will be offered a reduced rate. 

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