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BradCliff® Breathing Method

Breathing well has a profound impact on health, well being and movement. Over time, disordered breathing can lead to changes in how you feel emotionally or physically. 

Disordered breathing takes many forms including patterns of shallow, fast breathing, and mouth breathing. Inefficient breathing patterns may create or contribute to:


  • Feelings of being overwhelmed or on edge

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Difficulty maintaining focus


  • Muscle pain, spasms or cramping

  • Decreasing athletic performance

  • More difficult to manage asthma

  • Sleep disturbance

As a certified BradCliff Method practitioner, Lori is able to help you bring awareness to your current pattern and help you to re-establish natural breathing patterns which will help improve your energy, focus, sleep and ability to move through life with ease.
The BradCliff Method is recognized around the world and uses evidence-based practice to train and certify physiotherapists and other health care specialists.


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