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Professional Voice and Speech Training Skills

For those individuals expressing concern about:

  • Speaking too quickly

  • Speaking with too much hesitation

  • Lack of expression when speaking, presenting or reading

  • Mispronouncing speech sounds

  • Voice quality

  • Voice fatigue

  • An inability to project

  • Mumbling

Professional voice and speech training can help you become a clean, confident presenter.


  • Are you a business person wishing to improve your vocal image and to learn to give dynamic presentations with ease, confidence and authority? 


  • Do you feel your voice does not allow you to give an accurate impression of who you are ?


  • Are you an actor who needs assistance in freeing the voice in order to make artistic choices and meet performance demands without fear of vocal injury?


Balancing the fundamentals of body position, breath support and a relaxed muscular system provides the necessary base to allow for vocal stamina, projection and expression with clear speech and good pace.


Lori brings her experience as a voice coach to her background as a speech-language pathologist to provide individual solutions to your concerns.

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