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Enhancing Your Communication Skills

Well Spoken is committed to helping each client maximize their communication skills. With education in speech-language pathology and training in the performing voice, Lori brings her experience as a speaker, instructor, mentor and therapist to help you meet your communication goals in a collaborative and supportive style.

Communication & Speaking Skills

Speech Language Services

Accent Reduction

Breath Work



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Lori Holmes ( M.Sc.) is a respected speech-language pathologist with over 30 years of experience, integrating a solid background in science with practical experience in training the voice.  Her private practice, WellSpoken, provides service  in communication and speaking skill enhancement (including gender affirmation communication skills), accent reduction, and voice improvement. She also offers voice, fluency (stuttering) and articulation therapy. Trained in the Bradcliff Breathing Method®, she works with individuals with Breathing Pattern Disorders.


A dynamic speaker, she provides workshops in voice care and training for various professionals throughout Ontario, including performing artists, artists in training, teachers, lecturers, auctioneers, ministers of religion and other professional voice users. She has a passion for teaching and over the years has influenced countless graduate students at Western University through teaching academic courses in Voice & Voice Disorders, Fluency and Counselling Skills for Speech-Language Pathology and by supervising students in Western’s onsite speech and hearing clinic. She has received repeated awards for Excellence in Teaching. She is regularly invited to give lectures to the Otolaryngology (ENT Doctor) residents in the Schulich School of Medicine at Western University.

After training to become a voice coach under the mentorship of Janine Pearson, Lori has had the joy of combining her love of theatre with her love of voice and has become an integral part of the coaching team at The Stratford Festival, North America’s leading repertory theatre. Since 2001, she has shared her understanding of voice with those in the artistic company, supporting the work of the theatre from behind the scenes. For over 25 years, she was the Speech-Language Pathologist at the Vocal Function Clinic (Victoria Hospital). In conjunction with a physician, team based assessment of voice disorders was provided to those presenting with a wide variety of voice complaints and through the partnered Botox clinic, care was provided to those with Spasmodic Dysphonia.




Voice Assessment - 75 minutes - $200.00

Fluency Assessment - 60 minutes - $250.00

Breathing Assessment - 90 minutes - $300.00

Accent Assessment - 90 minutes - $500.00


1 Hour - $145.00

45 minutes - $120.00

30 minutes - $85.00

As a registered speech-language pathologist, extended health care insurance may cover partial or complete service.


Payment is to be made by cheque, cash, or etransfer at the start of each individual session or block of sessions.  If a third party payer wishes to be invoiced, arrangements should be made prior to the first session.

A cancellation fee will apply should you choose to cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice.


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